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Tom Cruise Parties At Las Vegas Nightclub For the First Time

XS at Encore

After dangling off a skyscraper in Mission: Impossible, battling aliens in World of the Worlds and sucking blood in Interview With a Vampire, you might thing Tom Cruise has done it all. But guess again, because there's one thing the Oscar-nominated actor waited 53 years to experience -- Partying at a Las Vegas nightclub!


Although he played a bartender in Cocktail, Tom Cruise is not your typical party animal. Perhaps that's why so many people were surprised to see the star of Top Gun getting down at XS Nightclub on December 4. He was spotted with Christopher McQuarrie, who just recently signed on to direct the sixth Mission: Impossible film.


DJ Nick Hissom later Tweeted a picture with the international superstar, thanking Cruise for coming to the show. "What a nice guy and legend," Nick told his 70,000 followers.


Here's hoping it won't be another 53 years before Tom Cruise has another Las Vegas nightlife experience.

Posted on:12/6/2015 8:00:00 AM
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