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Reality TV favorite Chantelle Connelly decided to show off her assets in a see-through dress at DSTRKT Nightclub on Wednesday.


Best known for starring on Geordie Shore, the 27 year old vixen has made a name for herself thanks to a string of provocative outfits and a sassy attitude. She showed up to DSTRKT in what can only be described as a gem-encrusted leotard with a bejeweled sheer overlay, an outfit that was impossible to ignore.


This enchanting outfit allowed the former exotic dancer to show off her extensive leg tattoo, which wraps around her ankle before going up her perfectly constructed thighs. She also modeled her lavish pair of diamante drop earrings and gold pointed court heels.


This is not the first time a SIXTY6 party has made a splash. Only a few months ago, Instagram star Demi Rose Mawby headlined one of their events wearing nothing more than a revealing negligee. This seems to be a trend with the recently-launched lads magazine.


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Posted on:6/22/2017 6:00:00 PM
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Ten months after unexpectedly catching fire, London's beloved nightclub Studio 338 is scheduled to reopen on June 3.


The popular South East London hotspot got a little too hot last August, resulting in the death of an employee of the club, Tomas Ceidukas, and a blaze that took 100 firefighters to extinguish. At the time, things were bleak, with many wondering if this was the end for the long-running nightclub.


Today we finally have an answer.


Not letting the fire ruin a good party, Studio 338's management announced today that they will be re-launching with a brand new outdoor garden space in early June, giving fans of the club something to get excited about.


"It's been a hard road back but we are delighted at last to let you know that we will dance again together this Summer," said the club's management in a brand new Facebook post.


In the same month that Studio 338 burned down, the team behind the nightclub announced a new 500-capacity venue in East London known as The Bridge. This club is now Bow Bridge London.

Posted on:3/29/2017 6:00:00 PM
Keywords: London, Studio 338

It's been quite a week for Demi Rose Mawby, the former ex-fling of American rapper Tyga.


Not only is she the very naked cover model for the debut issue of SIXTY6 magazine, but the 21 year old Instagram star managed to make a scene when she showed up to London's Paper Nightclub wearing nothing more than a revealing negligee.


Arriving fashionably late to the magazine's launch party, Demi put her best foot forward while wearing towering stilettos. There was no upstaging this model, as she showed off her curves while enjoying the music and a few stiff drinks. It was the perfect outfit for a magazine that wants to be known for their risqué content.


Although she's best known for her racy modeling work, Demi's claim to fame came when she shared a fling with rapper Tyga during his break from Kylie Jenner.


While Demi Rose Mawby may be celebrating her 22nd birthday later this month, it looks like the party started a little early.


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Posted on:3/23/2017 5:00:00 PM
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Fabric Nightclub was steamier than normal when the Duke of Kent's granddaughter was caught locking lips with a fellow gal pal.


Lady Marina Windsor knows how to make a scene and buck tradition, as everybody learned when she kissed model Idina Moncreiffe at the legendary nightclub on a recent girls' night out. The two were seen dancing the night away and enjoying some drinks before taking what has quickly become a viral snapshot of the kiss.


Sadly, the night out was bittersweet. "Farewell biddings and good tides" captioned the 24 year old PR girl, who will be leaving her friends, including the Vivienne Westwood model she smooched, when she moves to New York City.


Lady Marina was 25th in line to the British throne before being excluded in 2008 after switching religions. Since then, the famous Windsor has been letting her hair down, unafraid to have a good time. This is yet another example of why people love Lady Marina.

Posted on:1/18/2017 1:00:00 PM
Keywords: Fabric, London, Nightclub

September was a dark month for Fabric, London's most popular nightclub. After accusations that the popular hotspot was a "safe haven" for illegal drug use and the death of two teenagers, the nightclub was forced to permanently close.


At the time, the club's owners and the Night Time Industries Association vowed to fight on, raising money to turn over the ruling and resurrect London's most controversial club. Despite their enthusiasm, few seemed optimistic about Fabric's future. But it seems their pessimism was unwarranted, as industry insiders are suggesting that the club is currently in talks to reopen.


According to the Islington Tribune, the club owners are attempting to reach an out-of-court agreement with the Islington council and Metropolitan police behind closed doors. All this is happening days before the group gets ready to appeal the ruling on the 28th.


While it's certainly possible Fabric will eventually rise from the dead, there is still a lot to work out and this is far from a done deal. Still, a little hope is better than none at all.


In the absence of Fabric, London's nightclub scene has really stepped up. We've seen clubs like Toy Room, Maddox and Cirque Le Soir innovate on their concepts to help fill the void. There is also the recent opening of the ultra-exclusive Aristocrat Nightclub, a swanky new haunt that only holds 100 guests at a time. With Fabric continuing to fight for survival, we say this is a good time to show everybody that London's nightlife scene is still thriving.

Posted on:11/19/2016 11:00:00 AM
Keywords: Fabric, London, Nightclub

Nothing brings people together like the London nightlife. This time-tested adage was on full display this weekend, when former couple Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie were seen partying at Tape Nightclub. Could this mean the broken hearts have mended and the romance has been rekindled?


The 'Cold War' hitmaker was in London as part of the "Purpose World Tour," which will run until next March and play more than 160 shows. After the gig, the Biebs was seen handing out roses to fans outside Tape Nightclub before heading in for the after-party.


Whether or not Justin and Sofia are back together is up for debate, but one thing is clear -- Lionel Richie's daughter loves hanging out at Tape Nightclub. This was her second time partying at the club in less than a week, previously showing up after going to Justin's October 12 concert at the O2 Millennium Dome. She also hosted a VIP party with PrettyLittleThing on Thursday night.


Justin Bieber has kept a relatively low profile in recent months, sticking to his rigorous concert schedule and Pokemon Go. Beliebers hoping for the return of the short but tumultuous Justin/Sofia romance will need to keep waiting, because the two left the club separately.

Posted on:10/17/2016 7:00:00 PM
Keywords: Justin Bieber, Sofia Richie, Tape Nightclub, London

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