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Conor McGregor shows no signs of slowing down after his historic fight with world champion boxer Floyd "Money" Mayweather.


Three months after losing in the year's most-watched fight, the UFC superstar has been spotted partying with real life gangsters Andrew and Jonathan Murray at Cirque le Soir Nightclub. Footage from the club shows McGregor literally throwing money at the scantily clad hostesses, all while the trio took full advantage of London's best mixologists.


This is not the first time Conor has been seen chumming alongside the Murray brothers, as the two have recently filmed themselves on McGregor's luxury boat and on jet skis in Dun Laoghaire. They also posted snaps at the Fashion Awards at Royal Albert Hall.


Without a fight scheduled, McGregor is free to enjoy the holidays in style. And it appears he's doing just that.

Posted on:12/12/2017 3:00:00 PM
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It's starting to feel like Megan McKenna is everywhere these days. Not only did the star of The Only Way is Essex recently compete in Celebrity Big Brother and release her own country album, but she's recently been spotted enjoying London's vibrant nightlife at a number of popular clubs.


Most recently, Megan was seen chumming around with gal pal Danielle Armstrong at Faces Nightclub in Essex. This comes just days after a much-publicised split with Pete Wicks. The two friends wore nothing but black, while fans couldn't help but notice Megan's new blonder hairdo. Decked out in a plunging black catsuit and a dainty black shoulder bag, the TOWIE star looked adorable as always.


This party night comes hot on the heels of Megan's 25th birthday, where she celebrated with friends at Park Chinois in Mayfair. This time around she was surrounded by none other than fellow TOWIE cast member Amber Turner. Megan looked classy with her wide leg black trousers, while adding the sex appeal by unbuttoning her white shirt so her black bra and cleavage could be seen. The two partied until the early morning, enjoying Mayfair's finest entertainment.


Where will Megan and friends go next? We're not sure, but we can't wait to find out.

Posted on:10/9/2017 2:00:00 AM
Keywords: Megan McKenna, Danielle Armstrong, Faces, Amber Turner

Tyga who?


After shooting to fame after being romantically linked to Tyga during his break from now ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner, Demi Rose Mawby appears to have found a new musician to hang around -- Drake.


The famously busty model and Canadian rapper were recently spotted at London hotspot Tape Nightclub. What makes this story so sensational is that Demi was wearing what can only be described as a very skimpy leotard that hugged all of her womanly curves.


Adorned with embroidered flowers on each side, the skin-tight outfit helped to amplify the 22 year old model's ample assets. Demi's eye-popping cleavage stole the show, reminding everybody at Tape just why the camera loves her.


Demi left the club with her hands shielding her face, doing her best to keep a low profile as the cameras looked on. Drake, on the other hand, made a much more casual exit, paying no mind to the paparazzi camped outside. Reports indicate that the "Hotline Bling" singer had already eaten with friends in Mayfair ahead of the night out, giving Drake a more relaxed look as he headed home for the night.


Although she's best known for her racy modeling work, Demi's claim to fame came when she shared a fling with rapper Tyga during his break from Kylie Jenner. Ms. Mawby recently celebrated her 22nd birthday at Paper Nightclub, where she wore little more than a revealing negligee.


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Posted on:8/31/2017 5:00:00 AM
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You know how they say 'history repeats itself'? Well, that's certainly the case for Usain Bolt, the  eight-time Olympic gold medalist who is as good at partying as he is running.


Almost exactly one year ago to the day, we reported that the Jamaican athlete was setting records in a marathon clubbing session. Now Usain is back, and we're told that things got even more out of hand this time around.


To celebrate turning 31 years old, the retired runner decided to drop more than £7,000 at DSTRKT Nightclub in London. Bolt and his friends drank five bottles of Dom Pérignon Champagne (two of which were £940 magnums), as well as a bottle of vodka at £570, three bottles of £500 cognac, 23 Red Bulls costing £5.50 each and 18 cans of coke at £2.50 each.


The party raged until nearly 5 AM and included an incredibly generous £500 tip.


Usain was surrounded by the stars of Love Island, as well as his partner Kasi Bennett. Reports indicate that The Olympian managed to party for three nights in a row, each a bit crazier than the last. "Don't judge me," he posted in a Snapchat video. "This is what I do. I don't give a shit."


This is further proof that you never know who you'll run into at DSTRKT Nightclub.

Posted on:8/21/2017 3:00:00 AM
Keywords: Usain Bolt, Olympics, DSTRKT, Nightclub, London

A club in the UK is joining an effort to help music-makers claim royalties for their work.


Watford-based club PRYZM recently announced that they would be joining with a pilot project from licensing companies PRS for Music and PPL that will allow them to use music recognition technology to make sure royalties are paid to performers, producers, labels and the publishers.


"Music is the very heartbeat of our business and it's in our interest to see that talented artists are rewarded for their creations," explains PRYZM general manager Tom Miell.


"With online streaming and other digital technology, it’s increasingly difficult for songwriters and musicians to make a living from their creations, so anything we can do to help and attract and support the latest local talent has to be a good thing."


PRYZM is not the first club to adopt this technology, as we've seen similar announcements from both Ministry of Sound and Fabric, along with a selection of bars, pubs and hotels across the UK.


Participating venues will install a small, discreet device near the DJ booth that will monitor the music played from one night to the next. It will send the results to a secure database, where the songs will be matched, analysed and reported back to PRS for Music and PPL.


Some experts have warned that this system is far from fool-proof, as we've seen similar technology employed by YouTube, Soundcloud and other online services. But PRYZM believes the pros outweigh the cons, and this is a step towards finally making sure the artist is compensated for their hard work.


Will this technology be standard in all nightclubs in a few years? The answer to that question may depend on what PRYZM is doing today.

Posted on:8/10/2017 6:00:00 AM
Keywords: PRYZM Nightclub, London

Reality TV favorite Chantelle Connelly decided to show off her assets in a see-through dress at DSTRKT Nightclub on Wednesday.


Best known for starring on Geordie Shore, the 27 year old vixen has made a name for herself thanks to a string of provocative outfits and a sassy attitude. She showed up to DSTRKT in what can only be described as a gem-encrusted leotard with a bejeweled sheer overlay, an outfit that was impossible to ignore.


This enchanting outfit allowed the former exotic dancer to show off her extensive leg tattoo, which wraps around her ankle before going up her perfectly constructed thighs. She also modeled her lavish pair of diamante drop earrings and gold pointed court heels.


This is not the first time a SIXTY6 party has made a splash. Only a few months ago, Instagram star Demi Rose Mawby headlined one of their events wearing nothing more than a revealing negligee. This seems to be a trend with the recently-launched lads magazine.


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Posted on:6/22/2017 6:00:00 PM
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Ten months after unexpectedly catching fire, London's beloved nightclub Studio 338 is scheduled to reopen on June 3.


The popular South East London hotspot got a little too hot last August, resulting in the death of an employee of the club, Tomas Ceidukas, and a blaze that took 100 firefighters to extinguish. At the time, things were bleak, with many wondering if this was the end for the long-running nightclub.


Today we finally have an answer.


Not letting the fire ruin a good party, Studio 338's management announced today that they will be re-launching with a brand new outdoor garden space in early June, giving fans of the club something to get excited about.


"It's been a hard road back but we are delighted at last to let you know that we will dance again together this Summer," said the club's management in a brand new Facebook post.


In the same month that Studio 338 burned down, the team behind the nightclub announced a new 500-capacity venue in East London known as The Bridge. This club is now Bow Bridge London.

Posted on:3/29/2017 6:00:00 PM
Keywords: London, Studio 338

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